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How can therapy help me?

Clients who experience Person-Centred Therapy often report many benefits, including being able to:

Accept yourself and your feelings more easily
Be more in control of your behaviour and feelings
Be more at ease with past events and/or family issues
Have more self-esteem and self-confidence
Understand yourself more clearly
Feel more in control and powerful in your relationships
Become more effective at making decisions that feel right for you
Trust and accept others more
Trust yourself and your feelings more
Value yourself more and feel able to receive compliments and love from others
Feel less stressed, tense, depressed and/or lonely

This is why Person-Centred Therapy can be particularly beneficial. People who have chosen to come to therapy come for many reasons, including some of the below:

Low self-esteem and self-confidence
Feeling powerless in their lives or relationships
Not being able to ‘move on’ from a past event
Feeling anxious, vulnerable, angry, depressed or guilty
Not being able to trust other people easily
Don’t feel able to trust or rely on their own feelings
Feeling they’re somehow not ‘good enough’
Feeling their opinions and feelings ‘don’t count’
Not being fully heard and understood
Trying to please others and not valuing themselves
Not feeling able to ‘stand up’ or speak up for themselves in certain situations